Nails Inc. London swatches: Kensington Caviar and Boltons Place

Nails Inc. London nail polishes, on the left Kensington Caviar (Topcoat) and on the right Boltons Place.
I already showed you my 6 Nails Inc. London nail polishes on a previous post of mine "Early Bday Gift", now I will start showing you swatches of each one of them. Today I'm showing you two of them, the Kensington Caviar that can be used as a basecoat and a topcoat, and the Bolton Place.
It was funny that when I got these nail polishes, there were a couple of magazine features of the brand, and one of them talked about the creator of N.I.L. Thea Green and her struggle and her perseverance to launch the brand.

Picnik collage_1
I started off with one coat of the Kensington Caviar.
Picnik collage_2
 Next I applied one coat of the Boltons Place nail polish.
Picnik collage_3
Followed by a second coat of Boltons Place nail polish.
An up close look at the Boltons Place nail polish. Is hard to explain the colour, but it's a cross of brown with grey, if that makes sense. Plus with a bit of shimmer I suppose.
And this is the final result, I finished up with a coat of the Kensington Caviar nail polish.
The Good:
- I like the colour.
- It is easy to apply, it goes on smoothly.

- The price... 11 Pounds? Is too much for a nail polish. Although in this case I didnt buy it, it was a Birthday gift.
- Personally I have been struggling with the Nail Inc. London nailpolish. I am not a professional expert when it comes to nail polishes but then again is not rocket science... My BIGGEST problem with these nail polishes is the fact that they only last ONE DAY on my nails! How is this possible? A nail polish that can cost up to 11pounds! -_-. The thing is that he doesn't crackle he peels off. Basically I think the problem is on the Kensington Caviar basecoat/topcoat. 
When I used the Magnetic nail polishes, on the instruction it said to use the Kensington Caviar as a basecoat... and I'm guessing is not good for that. Right now I'm trying a different Nail Inc. nail polish and I used it with a different basecoat/topcoat and so far it seems steady.
So I will keep on testing.

Would I buy this nail polish for myself? Presently... no.
Even though they have loads of cool nail polishes with "special effects", only if I had a lot of money to burn I would buy them. So the 6 ones that I have, they will do for now.

So what do you think about the colour?

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. Gostei muito do resultado final minha linda, acho que fica maravilhoso nas unhas :)

  2. Adoro essa cor! Fica bem com tudo ;)

  3. You have a lovely blog with so many inspiring posts! Thanks for sharing, would you like to follow each other?

  4. Gostei! Mas realmente, 11 pounds pa um dia??? Mais vale ir jantar fora com esse dinheiro e levar nas unhas um "Essencezinho" de 1.49€ :P Mas ya, é como o Nfu-Oh #65, lindo de morrer e o frasco também e depois a aplicação é difícil, gasta-se bastante verniz para uniformizar a cena e se for preciso começa a cair no dia em que pintamos....

  5. cute!!!


  6. I think it may be the top coat that's making it peel. They sell a separate Kensington Caviar base coat, but I've never seen the top coat used as a base. I've got Nails Inc. Special Effects Wyndham duo on right now, and it's lasted five days! Try using a different base coat ^^

    1. Hey Jenna thank you very much for the info. I had NO IDEA they had 2 Kensington Caviar >.<.
      Now I'm trying different basecoats. Thank you.


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