Musical Friday #48

A picture of the room were I had my Acting Classes.
Hello everybodddyyyyy! Wow another week as passed by and we are almost in the end of April :O! Oh dear loard, time bloody flies.
Today after work I met with my work colleague Mina and her flatmate Simona at Oxford Street, we went to Primark over there and OOOOHHHH MY GOD! I´ve been to Primark before okay? Me and Primark go way back (Nottingham 2009) and most of the shops are always big, but... the one... in Oxford Street WWOOOOW! It is MASSIVE, it is FULL OF STUFF, it is FULL of PEOPLE! I want to check out stuff but the fact that it was so crowed it demotivated me. So then we went to H&M oh oohhhh I was a good girl this week, I didn´t spent money on stuff... but then... I saw stuff... in H&M... that.. damn, I had to get it. Like that Golden hair-cuff thingy that was all over Blogs but I was never able to find it in shops, so I got that, earrings, a ring and a bracelet. After the shopping we went to a little Italian restaurant had a small meal (I was sttaarrving) and a drink.
Yesterday, it was my last class at City Acting :(. I R SAD ;(. The group was fairly small, I know that 2 guys went on holidays, the other 5 girls I don´t know :/. For or last 2 classes we had a different teacher, his name is Russell, Our original teacher Roses could no longer teaches, for reasons that I do not know. After or class, for the first time and only time I was able to join then at the bar nearby, to have a drink and chat. I was never able to go because I live the North East and the classes were in Angel, and I work the next time, I have to get up early, the classes end at 9pm, you know... things weren´t on my side. But in any case, better late than never, and it was quite good, and I hope to stay in touch with them.
The music that follows for today is good music if you´re in a dancing mood and going to hit the clubs! Enjoy it! :)

Jessie J - Laserlight ft. David Guetta – New Single – This song is good, buuutttt free publicity much? Like here in the U.K. Jessie J. is like the “face” for the drink Vitamin Water, and in the video you can see a propA close up of the drink, I mean come oooonnnn -_- pppfffff.

Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound – New Single – Swedish House Mafia is the BOMB! Oh My Days they are so good! On this video you don´t hear the hole song. If you would like to hear the full version, that is another video version Live in Miami [click here to see video on Youtube], or even another version of almost 7 minutes [click here to see video on Youtube].

Don Diablo - Silent Shadows – New Single

Bob Sinclar Feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly & Fatman Scoop - Rock The Boat

Tiësto - Maximal Crazy

The picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


  1. de nada :D
    obrigada eu :DD
    ainda bem que gostaste :DD

  2. Eu sou louuuca pela Primark!! ;)


  3. love all your musical suggestions


  4. que o fim de semana chegue rápido para ir dançar!!!


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