Musical Friday #32

Olá a todos e Feliz Ano Novo. Este é o meu primeiro post do ano, nestes últimos dias estive na ronha depois da passagem de ano, estive também fazer análises, mudei a posição de alguns móveis do meu quarto, arranjei mais uma estantezita, que depois de monta-la cheguei à conclusão que isto pouco ou nada tem de espaço, parecia maior na foto -_-, fui a Lisboa e comecei a preparar as coisas para a minha viajem, a contagem decrescente já começou, dia 14 de Janeiro "ahla Cardoso" lá vou eu para Londres! Já começava a sentir-me assim uma beca coise, 4 meses em Portugal, sem fazer muito, comidinha da mamã bla bla bla... mas depois de uma cenazita que aconteceu hoje, it hit me.... mal posso esperar para ir embora dasssss >.<.
Como sempre, uma vez que é sexta-feira, deixo aqui umas musiquinhas, espero que gostem.

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. This is my first post of the year, on these last few days I've been kinda lazy after the NYE, I also went to do some analysis, I changed the position of some furnitures in my bedroom, I bought this little bookcase thingy that after I built it I came to the conclusion that this thingy has no space what-so-ever- it looked bigger in the picture -_-, went to Lisbon and I started preparing my stuff for the journey, the final countdown has began, on the 14th of January I will be going to London Baby! I was starting to feel a bit homy, 4 months in Portugal, with not much to do, mama's food bla bla bla... but after a little thing that happened today, it hit me... I can't wait to leave fuuuuuuu >.<
As usual, since is Friday an all, I leave you with some songs, hope you like it.

First I will share with you a compilation of the best songs of 2011 from an ex-collegue of mine from Prague, he is now a full-time DJ. His name is Peppe, he's from Italy, he is also know has DJ Josh.
Christmas Gift - free download by Peppe Prezz

Swedish House Mafia vs Knife Party - Antidote 

Redlight - Get out of my head

Youngman - Who knows

Outasight - Tonight is the Night - Whatever you say, I bet the fact that Ray William Johnson (aka the biggest Youtube star) gave a little (big) pros to the song, it has the view that it has. I think song was featured in like one of Ray's Vlog videos.


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