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Last Sunday I went to a MASSIVE Shopping Mall called Westfield, this one is locate next to the Stradford, and over there there is a shoe shop called Office and what did I see on the window of the shop? LITAS from JEFFREY CAMPBELL! O_O I died!
I tried one foot of the Spiked Litas and I fell in Love <3. I already liked them, but now that I finally try it, the will of wanting a pair became bigger! Aaaaahhhhhhh!
Some girls LOVE the Litas other HATE the Litas, I am on the Love side, it reminds me of the 70's platform shoes and by the way the 70's are my favourite decade specially when it comes to Fashion wise.
Aaaahhhhh what to do,what to do >.

I like the material (the total blackness) of the Spike Litas best, but I would actually prefer to have a pair without the spikes, just because I think it would go better with certain outfits and since I don't have money to buy Litas in every single colour, I would have to settle for something more basic. Plus the Spike Litas are 25 Pounds more expensive than the other normal basic one, that is 120 Pounds.


This pictures was found at Google.co.uk.


  1. São perfeitas, as segundas então...!
    Embora estejam um bocado comercializadas demais agora, acho que são uma excelente compra :)*


  2. É poupar e comprar umas. Matas a sede ou ficas com mais XD :P Seja como for eu não estou nos haters nem lovers, passam-me ao lado porque não lhes vejo nada de especial :P

  3. Estes sapatos deram a volta à cabeça de muitas bloggers, eu confesso que no inicio de testava mas até já nem me importava nada de ter uns

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  4. Olá linda! Olha já respondi à Tag! =D

    Obrigada por me teres passado! =D


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