December's Shopping plus Sales Shopping

Hi everyone!
Here's a post about the things I bought while I was still in Portugal during the month of December, plus a few things I bought during sales season, that I hadn't showed you yet. So with no more futher ado, where it goes.

Tresemme Heat protector in the Spray version, this one I actually gave it to my Mother.
Another Tresemme heat protector, but this one is like a gel formula, which I really  like, and this one I bought it for myself. Even though there is Tresemme in the U.K. this bottle was discontinued :( back in 2010 basically.

 This bag is good for when washing bras and panties, that are delicate, you put them inside so this way it doesn't get taggled with the rest of the clothes.

Two bottle of waxes roll on.

A new hairbrush. I've been wanting a hairbrush like this for a while, but is so expensive, and then I saw this one at HiperChina and bought, little that I know that the woman, charged me 2.00Euros instead of 1.75 that was marked! Oh well still better than like 6.00/7.00 Euros.

This nails thingy, another thing that I've wanted for a while, should I bought it  3/4 other than 2, I have a bit more nail polishes than I thought. 

A sample size of the POREfessional from Benefit. I'm still trying to notice the differences on my face when I use it lol.

I light brown cape from WS2/W52. I've been wanting one since I saw an orange one from Asos/Rowne. Is not quite the same, but still nice.

Proper Winter hat from H&M! Judge me not, this thing is waaaarrrmmmzzzz :3 I didn't want to suffer in the U.K. like I did in Prague.

LOOOOOOOOOOOVE this shirt from H&M. Guess why?..... SKULLS!

And the detail on the back. Can't wait for Spring to come.
Aswell I've been wanting a top like this for a while (it's from H&M), I wanted in leather material, but this will do for now!

This silver bracelet+ring from H&M I used on my New Years Eve. It matched with the necklace that my bf gave me. 

Sometimes I just hate those little things that are next to the Cashier, there are so cute that I have to take something lol.
H&M was defo the place that I enjoyed shopping the most, and with the best Sales, right on the 1st day.

And then the biggest disappointement ever..... this thing from Lidl.

After I put everything together, this was it... so bloddy  small and straight.
So what's your opinion girls/boys? Would like a "review" on anything?

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. I love the shirt with skulls and flowers and H&M´s black top!! thanx for yours comments honney! xoxo

  2. So many cute things, love them, u had great shopping as I can see!;)


  3. Love the little bralette from H&M !


  4. Love the little bralette from H&M !


  5. A lot of cute things babe! I loved your pore cream caption...i have the same thing and feel the same way!

    Hot Pink Day
    Shop Blue Vanilla

  6. Só coisas boas!
    O gorro é um máximo!
    Esse pure minimazer da benifit funciona? Quanto custa?


  7. LOVE your hat from H&M, perfect fot cold winters!


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