WARNING! My Gmail was Hacked!

Boys and Girls, be careful with your Gmails accounts and other profiles and emails that you may have. 
The Anonymous have been attacking/hacking today. For like a half an hour I lost the access to my Blog - it said that my Blog didn't exist, and then I also couldn't enter my Gmail account that is connected to my Blog :S.
AARRRGGHHHH Luckly I got it all back! With the safety question, and send codes to my mobile to reopen my accounts uuffff, I was so scared, going like,
in my head, I had to play cool, since I'm at work, oh jesus!
If you can change your passwords to something long and full of big and small letters and signs and numbers.
I had to change my password not one but  twice, in just a few minutes! No joke!
Be aware guys!


This pictures was found at Google.co.uk.


  1. Epahh obrigada pelo aviso linda! Grande cena mesmo bahhh :S
    Beijinhosss grandes hehe********

  2. Agora experimenta lá em português!


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