Musical Friday #35

Hi everyone, how was your week?

Mine was all right, like I wrote on Wednesday post I went to a concert at night with my friend Zuzana plus her friend Jaidy and Jaidy's bf Patrick. We saw Delilah, a guy how's name I don't know at all and Emilie Sande. It was very nice, I will try next Friday to post the videos that I filmed. I wanted to publish on Youtube but I'm afraid that I would have sort of problem, with copyright shiz. I already have two strikes and if I get a third one, they will shut down my account -_- so I might create an account on Vimeo and upload there, on in another website that I've been seeing on Andy Torres blog, in any case I will let you guys know if you are interested let me know.
Tonight I'm going out again, I have a dinner party to go to. Yesterday was my friend Yuiko's Bday and tonight we will celebrate. I met Yuiko early 2010 when I was in Nottingham doing Erasmus, since then we became friends and she also visited me when I was in Prague last year.
As usual I leave you with some music, enjoy, and have a nice weekend!

Cher Lloyd - Want U Back ft. Astro – New Single

Yasmin ft Shy FX & Ms Dynamite - Light Up (The World)

Jodie Connor - Now or Never (feat. Wiley)

Emeli Sandé - Next To Me – New Single – She played this song at the concert, she has a great voice Live aswell!

Pixie Lott – Kiss The Stars – New Single – Many critizise the video because some scenes look like Katy Perry's video “E.T.” -_- aahhhhh people. The only thing that really bothers be, is the green eyeshadow that she uses, I really don't like it on her lol.

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  1. Olá querida!!
    Pois as cores são muito pigmentadas, basta uma camada e fica perfeito ehheheh, pois o frasco é super engraçado e fora do normal ehehhe, achei imensa piada!!

    Adorei as musicas que publicas-te;)

    Beijinnhos Grandes


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