Bloggers, Youtubers and viewers Lunch Gathering 17/12/11 #2

Photo belongs to Ana Rita from Let's Talk About Beauty
Last month/year (lol) I did a brief post about the Bloggers, Youtubers and viewers lunch gathering at a Shopping Mall called C.C.Colombo in Lisbon. 
It was lots of fun, meeting new people and get to see others again.
I went to Lisbon with Akuma Kanji, we both live in the same town, we took the train, and in the train I was still finishing with my makeup and some other details lol. I was going to do a topcoat on my nails, but I didn't have time... and then I found out that my nailpolish bottle that was on my lap, was not 100% well closed, and some drops fell on my favourite tights and on my "leather" skirt , plus I forgot to bring with me any type of jewlery (ring, bracelet, necklace, earings) aahhhh bolox!
Anyways once we arrive to Colombo, I spotted the girls close to the massive Christmas tree that they had there at the time, after we waited for a while for everybody we searched for a spot so we could gather tables, so that we could sit all together. We talked, ate our lunch (each person could go to different restaurants), talked some more, and then did the Secret Friend wich was the swap of gifts. 
And now for some photos.

Where we all met.

me me

I ate at Pans :D
huuummm it was good!

Tiiimmmeee to swap our gifts! >.<

This was the gift that I received, a necklace :) Ironic right? 'cause I did not bring any jewlery that day lol.

This is a list of the Blogs or Youtube Channels of the people that came for the Lunch gathering
Mariana: doesn't have a Blog/Youtube
Ana:  doesn't have a Blog/Youtube

And I end this post with a little video that I filmed :D
It was a pleasure meeting you all, see you next time :).


The 1st picture belongs to Ana Rita.
The rest of the photos belong to me Karen U.


  1. A minha cara está qualquer de.... terrível!! :D

    Beijinhos ;)

  2. Mais fotografias do encontro. Deve ter sido tão divertido :)

  3. Oh tão bacano, para o próximo penso ir ^_^


  4. So much people, so much fun, beautiful reason for this kind of meeting!!:) Great pics btw!


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