Musical Friday #30

Olá a todos! Como foi a vossa semana? A minha… “babysitting”… é tudo. A maior parte da minha papelada para o meu estágio em Londres já está tratada e para a semana que vem com sorte já terei o meu portátil, e assim poderei pesquisar como deve ser um quarto para alugar. Pesquisar em certos website no meu PC fixo de casa é um martírio... ehpah não dá. Amanhã finalmente voltarei para casa, lar doce lar… só espero que as obras do meu vizinho tenham acabado >.<.
De qualquer das maneiras para aqueles que celebram o Natal, Feliz Natal!

Hi everyone! How was your week? Mine… babysitting… that’s all. Most of my paper work for my internship in London is done and next week if I’m lucky I will have my laptop back, so that way I will be able to search for a bedroom to rent. Searching in certain websites on my home PC it’s crazy bananas.. I just can’t. Tomorrow I will finally go home, home sweet home… I just hope that the constructions at my neighbor’s house are finished >.<
Anyways for those that celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!

Justin Bieber – Fa La La feat. Boyz II Men – OKEI….. wait… don’t judge me lol! No I’m not necersserly a Justin Bieiber fan, but since is Christmas season this songs is kinda appropriate, plus it has Boyz II Men, and their song used to be good stuff.
T.H.E. – The Hardest Ever feat Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger – Will.I.Am is back with a solo project… not bad but it does feel weird without the other 3 group members. Let’s see how the rest of the album sounds like.

Pitbull – International Love feat. Chris Brown – Only one thing to say… Chris…. Stop with the Blonde hair….

Justin Bieber – All I want for Christmas is You feat. Mariah Carey – Yeah another Bieber video - -_-‘ unff – again a Christmasy video, featuring the original owner of the song Miss Mariah Carey… what do you think about this new version of the song? I still prefer the original, and don’t even get me started on this video… geeezzz really in a shopping mall?

Little Mix – Cannonball (cover) – And I end with this cover of the song “Cannonball” originally from Damien Rice and covered by Little Mix winner of The X Factor.



  1. merry christmas to you too!

    follow each other, dear?



  2. My sweetie just to wish u Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!! All the best from my heart!!! kisses
    Jelena (glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com)


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