Merry Christmas/Feliz Natal 2011

Olá a todos e Feliz Natal!
Como foi a vossa quadra natalícia? A minha foi passada só com os meus pais. Já há muitos anos que não passava só com eles. Normalmente nós vamos sempre para Queluz, para a casa de outros familiares nossos, mas eles este ano, foram para Inglaterra, ter com o resto da família. Já que a maior parte da família deles vive em Londres, sai mais barato serem só duas pessoas a irem para lá, do vir cerca de 8 para Portugal.
Anyways, jantamos, bacalhauzinho com natas e um outro bacalhau diferente para o meu pai, e para sobremesa, fatias douradas e bolo de fruta cristalizada.
E de presentes, para além de algum dinheiro que recebi de familiares, recebi o seguinte:

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!
How was your Christmas Eve? Mine was spent just with my parents. It’s been a few years since I spent just with them. Normally we go to Queluz, to the house of some family members of our, but this year, they went to England to meet with the rest of the family. Since the majority of their family lives in London, it’s cheaper for them to be just to people travelling there then coming 8 people to Portugal.
Anyways, we had diner, codfish with cream and a different codfish preparation for my father, and for desert, golden slices, and a cake with crystallized fruit inside.
As for the presents, in addition to some money that some family members gave I also received the following:

Picnik collage_2_2
A SLEEK MAKEUP PALLETE “SUNSET” from my friend and her family Akuma Kanji! OOOMMGGGGG!!! My reaction when opening this was like: o_ô hummmm what could it be?; O_O no way; :O Oh my Goooddd; *.* Sunset; =3 KAWAAIIII!
True Story. Thanks Lela!

Picnik collage_3_3

Picnik collage_1_1
A scarf from W52/WS2 I guess (is it 52 or S2?), from my mothers’ friend. I’m a big fan of scarves, love the colours on it, they are actually my favourite ones haha.
And this water bag, it wasn’t really a Christmas gift, but my mom gave me, because I would end it up buying one. It will become my best friend while I’m in London next year lol. Not only for those cold days, but also for those days of the month >.< lol

Xmas card 2011_1
What were your presents for Christmas?


These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..
With the exception of the first image taken from We heart it!


  1. Feliz natal querida :)
    Lindas prendinhas***

  2. Feliz Natal!
    Não tens de agradecer, foi merecida! ^__^ You know we love ya! *** Adoro saquinhos de água quente! São ultra amigos!


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