Musical Friday #27

Heelllooo Boys and Girls.

How was your week? Mine, I finally got some good new, I will be going to LONDON, and I will start doing my internship in January for 6 months #insert Austin Power's theme song here# “Ooohh behave, yeah Baby yeah!”. I am so excited! My original plan was to go back to Prague, but some things went wrong, so now I will be going to London. Which by the way is not bad, not bad at all. I’ve been in London like 6 times, in 2009/2010 I was doing Erasmus in Nottingham, so when I flew to and off the country I I went to London, plus I have family there, which let my mother more calmed. She says that when I was in Prague, she wasn’t calm, because I was there “alone” blab la… mothers…

Sooo yeah, soon I will start packing again, oh lord! I thought that by this time I would have Mastered the thing, but no…. I have to do lots of calculations, especially with the RENT and if with that is it worth it for me to take a lot of clothe. I lived in the  U.K. for 9 months … it will be extreeeemely hard for me to not go shopping over there, with shops like, River Island, Next, Topshop, New Look, loads of Primarks, and cosmetics stores like Boots or Superdrug >.< so if I take a lot of clothes and buy more clothes, what do we have? Excess luggage weight. When I go in January, I’m pretty sure there will be snow, but the cold won’t last as long as it did when I was in Prague. Like in Prague, this year in March I was still wearing winter coats, scarves and gloves… when I was in the U.K, in 2010 during March I was wearing a shirt and one jacket. Buuuttt I will keep you posted on that subject.

Have a nice weekend, Ciao ;)

Lady Gaga - Marry The Night New Single – So the new video is out, I saw it last night (01-12-11) on Facebook. If you haven’t seen it I must warn you that the whole video has about 13 minutes, the music part only starts at 8m. What can I say about it… the video kinda looks like a story of her musical carrier, but you know… more theatrical XD. There are scenes that I like, and other that I don’t get like, when she is on car, upside down, what is that all about o_O? Oh yeah you can see Gaga naked again lol, and on the end of the video you can see her with that “satellite” hat/mask, like the one she whore at the MTV’s EMA 2011.


Beyoncé - Dance For You  - New Single – Aaaaannddd another  video from Beyoncé. I guess this one belongs to the Deluxe edition of her album “4. I think is a good song to dedicate to that special someone in your life.


Adele - Turning TablesNew Single – What can I say, it’s Adele and her wonderful voice, this video belongs to her Live DVD at the Royal Albert Hall.


Robin Thicke - Love After War – Doesn’t Robin kinda looks like Bruno Mars? I mean the hair and the sun classes? o_ô

Miguel - Sure Thing


  1. Oh man! I would love to go to London! Good luck with everything while you are there.

  2. Nice videos!!
    Thanks for your comment, dear!
    Would you like to follow each other? <3

  3. I love Lady gaga, here film clips are always amazing!

    -LAURA xx

  4. i always love those keep calm and "insert something here". love london too!
    xx sylvie


  5. I love London :(

    P.S. He he I edited it on pixlr-o-matic. I do changed my head banner. glad you like it Karen :D

  6. Wow!!

    Giveaway no blog! Participa!!


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