Musical Friday #28

Hello everyone? How was your week?
Mine was pretty calm. On Wednesday I was at my friend’s Daniela, aka Akuma Kanji house, it was her birthday, and I died her hair :P, it isn’t the first time that I do that to her, but it was the first time that that I put rollers on her hair hehe. It was fun, I like her new hair colour, it’s on the plums shades. And then he decided to put rollers on her hair, I sometimes put on mine, it’s a lot of work but the final effect it’s nice. My sleeping hours are still out of control >.< I’m becoming almost a Vampire, just wanna sleep during the day and do stuff at night lol. This is not good… I gotta start changing this bad habit of mine.

Drake – Headlines – When this single came out and my boyfriend showed to me, I was like meh… but then it started growing on me, and now I love it :P. “True story” haha. I love his lyrics, the simple beats and the way he singing/raps, I like his tone of voice. Did you know that Drake is Canadian?


Iggy Azalea - My WorldNew Single – Yeeaaahhh, now she was my discovery of the week. I saw another video of her first, on Chocolate Blanco Blog, called “Pu$$y”, not bad… but I prefer this one “My World”. Iggy has been rapping since her early teens, she is now 21 years old. When I saw her, I don’t know why, I thought that she was British, but nah, she’s from downunda :P meaning… Australian.


Example - Stay Awake – I’m loving Example’s 2nd album, I it very good (in my opinion


Sean Paul - She Doesn't MindNew Single


Asher Roth - Last Man Standing featuring Akon


  1. Obrigado! ^__^
    Já somos duas nesse tipo de horário. Deito-me bué tarde e acordo relativamente cedo (meio dia) :P é óbvio que dormia mais mas por uma questão de "consciência" acordo mais cedo. XD

  2. Musical Fridaaaaay :) I love Drake's new album and especially the "Take care" song with Rihanna (wonder why):D Sean Paul I don't like him anymore, I meane his songs are all the same, but Gimme the light years ago was THE shiz :P

  3. Great songs, I love Stay Awake, it's always on the top of my playlist. Can't wait to check out the rest. Thanks for sharing. :)



  4. Não gosto muito da música do Drake, mas o video está giro.


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