Sushi Lover! #1

Hi everyone… my name is Karen… and I’m a Sushi Lover. Oh YES I AM!

Last Saturday I had homemade Sushi, and boy was it good. Aya my housemate, did like a goodbye gathering + pre-birthday celebration, I will tell you more details when I do my month of July resume in Prague. I like Sushi I really do, and since I’ve been here in Prague, I only ate twice! First time, somewhere in April if I’m not mistaken, with Plamina, Sushi Buffet, it was great, but then it came the bill, almost 20€ for a Sushi Buffet (for each of us) GEEZAUS!  And the 2nd time at Aya’s gathering.  I even made one roll yeahi :D lol

I want to buy all of this... some people call it cheating buuutttt, I just called making our lifes easier :p.

How to make Sushi Rice
Now I'm not a Sushi expert, but I thought when you put the vinegar on the rice, you should have a little thing (I forgot the name in English) that you wave at the rice really fast so that rice receives cold air....

Tuna Maki: Form and Slice Sushi Rolls

How to do a Uramaki


  1. Yaya and now I remembered the Sushi dinneeer :):) I am looking forward to the June resume of Prague :*

  2. by the ways shush, it's me I have nooo idea why I am logged from someone else's profile, prob cos it's not my laptop :D kisses though

  3. I love sushi too! And all other seafood :)

    Visit my blog :)
    Simply Lera

  4. i have never tried sushi but as far as i can see it's nice!! thanks for the comment, dear!

  5. HI girl!
    Well...I don´t like raw fish so...
    but this little sushi is very cute! :D

    and yes.. NY is great! I wanna go there! :)

  6. Gosto tanto de sushi! É tão bom!
    Uma vez experimentei fazer em casa mas não saiu lá grande coisa. Hehheh! Acho que tenho de me ficar pelos restaurantes! ;)

  7. but its raw fish rapped with seaweed!


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