New baby Mommas!

Finally the Beckhams had their new baby, and her name is Harper Seven Beckham... yeah you heard me SEVEN!
 You can watch the video people from Celeb.TV, and hear the explenation for the use of the number seven on the little girls name....
Also Kate Hudson had a baby, for her it was another boy, the haven't announced the name of the baby yet, I wonder how is that gonna be like.... Kate has a thing for Rockers doesn't she? I didn't know those were together till very recently...

This is a picture of a pregnant Victoria, it was her husband that took it. Honestly I think this is the best celebrity pregnant picture ever, it is so chillaxed, and the fact that is black and white gives it a special touch...
I wonder if Harper will have the same fashion taste and orientation as her mother :p 


  1. Love so much the pic :)
    i can't believe it? seven? really? they are so weird!

  2. I love that picture too! I think that Harper will be one of the best dressed celebrities' baby.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! x


  3. harper seven... hum :X not the name i would give to my kid lol

    vou a praga daqui a duas semanas, secalhar podias dar-me algumas dicas de lugares giros para visitar :D


  4. I love the photo of victoria beckham in her pregnancy...


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