June's Shopping

Another month has passed, and it´s time for me to show you my monthly shopping..... althought I don´t know if anyone cares :p but here it goes.
Miss Sporty nailpolish

Miss Sporty Nail Polish: The 1st one is to use it has a base or a top coat, the 2nd is for damaged nails, and the 3rd one I have'n tried it yet, but I reckon that it would be the type of nail polish that will glow in the dark, specially with those UV lights from the Disco, you know the way that white clothes all look like purpelish.

Balea makeup remover
Balea Make-up Remover. I was in need of another pack of these things. And so far is good.

Fake Leather skirt H&M
Fake Leather Skirt from H&M

Black cardigans H&M
Black Cardigan jacket from H&M. This is the 3rd jacket in black that I own that looks like this, the problem is that the other 2 are in Portugal, and I need it a simple jacket like NOW!, 'cause I was tired of either wearing the black leather jacket or the black blazer (yes I have alot of black clothe), and the other to jackets are for Winter.

long black tang top H&M
Black Tank Top from H&M. Yes is nothing special but, this one is a very long tank top, the type that goes till  under my butt, and the reason why I bought was because I was on the hunt for something like this to use it under another dress, that you will see it on the next picture.

Black Lace Dress
Yep this dress, that I never used it so far. I can't remeber where I bought it right now, but let's  hope that the tank top works under it..... and that everything doesn't slides up up UP!.... LOL

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  1. I love your leather skirt and your dress is even more beautiful!

    Thanks for your lovely comment, dear!




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