Not everything in Portugal is that bad.

As some of you may know, I'm originally from Portugal! Born and raised.
Even though I have many conflicts with my so called Country, there are other aspects that I love. The hot weather during summer, the food, the beaches, the museums and castles, or just simply walking along in Lisbon's (the capital) streets.
These next two videos, again someone of you (especially the ones that live in Portugal) might already know them, but for those who don’t, here it goes.

The first video has something to do with the Portuguese crises at the moment. Some Europeans countries offered to help Portugal, but apparently not Finland.... so “Portugal” decided to do a video reminding Finland why they should help Portugal.
Once upon a time Portugal was a "big" country. I think I learnt more on this video than on my 12 years of History classes in school haha!

«Este video da Câmara Municipal de Cascais alerta para a "memória curta" da Finlandia, faz lembrar o ditado: "quem não se sente não é filho de boa gente..."

Parabéns para a Câmara Municipal de Cascais»
Quote from the Youtube page

This next video is to promote tourism in Portugal.... these images made me feel homesick for the first time :/

“O que é nacional é bom!” (“What is national is good”)


  1. I love Portugal. It's one of the places I definitely want to visit in the future. :-)

  2. gosto muito do segundo!
    (já via a foto, faz mm lembrar!)



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