Dream House #1

Lately (maybe due to the fact that I'm home alone at the moment), I've been dreaming about my dream house, if I ever will be able to have my own place, and how would I decorate it? I like a dozen of styles at the same time, and not all of them go together. I like simple modern style, wooden houses, Victorian, Japanese, Indian, Latin American, African inspired uuuffff ... which one to pick?
From now on, every now and then I will post (if you don't mind :p) a few random pics of houses and room devisions that I like.
Hope you enjoy it.

After loading these pictures to the post I noticed what all of them have in common.... can you guess?
BIG WINDOWS! Yep I'm a fan of big Windows :p, lots of light coming in.


I do not own the copyrights of these pictures.
These images were randomly picked from Google Images


  1. i love modern houses too! oneday for us, huh? :)

  2. Thanks for leaving a lovely comment dear :) Follow each other? :)

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  4. Tens nessas imagens casas de sonho!

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

  5. Wow great photos! I'm really loving the second, third and fifth photos...those pictures are gorgeous and I can only DREAM of owning a house like that for myself in the future :P Great idea for a post!

    xx from Montreal,


  6. Linda a casa dos seus sonhos, acho que é o sonho de qualquer pessoa!
    Beijos, Jeh Galvão

  7. Thank you for your comment!
    Houses/a place of my own have been on my mind lately, as well...
    Though I'd prefer something older, with lots of character.
    That's not to say that these houses aren't beautiful!
    I also love large windows :)


  8. im in love too with this kind of houses :):)
    i wish i could have one day mine :)

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  11. beautiful photos! We all have our dream houses =)

  12. I like big windows too but I think I'd run a mile from any property with too many of them. I know I wouldn't stay on top of keeping them clean.

    My dream house would probably be quite small, as dream houses go. I'd love a big bathroom though, with a walk-in power shower. But overall, if the house was too big, I wouldn't feel comfortable. Too little space and I'll go stir crazy, too much space and I'll start feeling like the house is about to swallow me whole.

    But to be perfectly honest, the house valuation on nowhere-near-enough-space is well beyond me right now.

  13. That looks so perfect. My dream house is a cottage (: Haha. Cute and quaint!
    Also I'm super excited to follow you and I hope you'll return the favor so we can stay in touch.

    xx Amber

  14. I know vision boards are mostly used by ladies, but I have one in my room. I post all the nice things there, including my dream house. Getting patterns from magazines and internet is a great way to start building your dream house. These photos are great! Big windows will be great depending on your location. If your house is isolated, or if you're in the woods, or in an elevated place like condominiums, big glass windows would be perfect. Good luck!

    Erick Bush


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