Musical Friday #11

First of all I apologise if some of these videos won't work... it's so stupid... I mean Vevo YouTube has link to share the clip... and then fails? what the fudge Vevo? -_- 

Take That - Love Love - Uuhhh I did not know that that Robbie had join the group again.

Cher Lloyd - Swagger Jagger - New Single - Remember one of the last seasons of X-Factor in the U.K. (season 7)? Cher was Cheryl Cole's girl!  Se has a great voice, and even Simon Cowell.... but this single on the other hand... meh, there are some parts that like, the song sounds if have good headphones or speakers, and you feel the bit buum BUUM BOW! But this video got alot of thumbs down. In the of the day she still 17 years old... 

Demi Lovato - Skycraper - New Singles - This girl has been trough some rough times.... but now everything seems to be coming together, this new single of hers has N#1 on Itunes :) 

Pixie Lott - All About Tonight - New Single, new style.

Nicola Roberts- Beat Of My Drum - Another ex girl from Girls Aloud going for the solo career.

DEV - In The Dark - New Single


  1. I'm having internet connection problem as of the moment, but I'll definitely listen to these songs you're sharing. I bet they're good. :-)


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