Sex and the City a bit of a hair FAIL!

On the movie "Sex and the City 2", Carrie Bradshaw goes to her gay friend Stanford's wedding. And before going there she already was dressed up with a suit and has the first hairstyle with a wild high ponytail with a braid, and then at the wedding she has no pony.... or braid.... wtf?
1st Look
2nd Look
I finished all seasons of Sex and the City, plus I re-saw the 2 movies. uuufff! Conclusion: LOVED IT! 
I do admit that at times Carrie did annoyed me with her relationships, but ok.
There were at least other two hair fails during the seasons of S.a.t.C., the last one that I remember was on season 6, when Carries was dating the Russian guy, one night she goes to his place, and she has her hair straight, they to the thing with the thing gigiri gigiri hum hum aalllrriigghhttt, and after, while on the bed she has wavy hair.... and then when she leaves the house, the hair is straight again... what the balls?
Now is time to move on to another serie..... hhummm what shall I consume next?


  1. I never noticed this! URGH! How irritating!


  2. it's a fail,indeed. i watches sex and the city too and now i'm addicted to gossip girl!!

  3. wow good eye! I didn't notice that. I liked the first more than the second though... and it's true she was a lil more annoying on the second one!

    I loved that she wore a suit, I wish she had done like a sleek updo or something.

    anywho, I recommend Gossip Girl too, but nothing comes close to good ol' Sex and the City!


  4. Vi o filme há pouco tempo e nem reparei (só reparei que queria tentar fazrt o segundo penteado) mas este filme desiludiu-me muito mesmo! Nem parecia Sex and the city para mim!



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