My Nailpolish Collection

Nail Polishes
This is my nail polish collection. At the moment this what I have, this is what I brought from Portugal, well at least like 95% of it, there are 3 from Miss Sporty that I bought here in Prague last month. 
My favourites of the bunch are N.Y.C. "West Village" n204B (the dark blue, funny cause when you see it in the bottle it looks like dark purple, but once you paint your nails is dark blue; Risqué "New York" (grey); Risqué "Dara" (dark bloody red, but something is wrong with this formula now, I don't know if I simple bought a bad bottle, or they changed the formula); Risqué "Obessão" (purple); Wynie n61 (golden yellow); H&M «Summer Nails 2010» (the little bottles) "Neon Pink" and Neon Orange"; and Essence «Colour & Go» "Plum Perfect" n28.
Is not tooooo much, but it's enough for me.... come think of it I might have to buy a new black nail polish my 2True Black nail polish is becoming gewy.
This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


  1. oh my G,shush :D collection is growing, mine too, I am considering my first blog about cosmetics, prob tomorrow, by the way I have to share I started getting addicted to following blogs and reading stuff here and there, kisseeees :*


  2. You've got so many nail polishes! I'm not that big of a fan of nail polish though, to be honest. Great post! xoxo, Veena <3


  3. Wow, that collection is just enormous!

    I love nail polish, especially the lighter ones. You might want to try Skin Food nail polish too. It's very nice! :-)

  4. Quantos esmaltes, preciso renovar a minha coleção!
    Beijos Jeh Galvão

  5. omg! so many nail polishes! i'm addicted to them too!!

  6. Olá! Estou a ver que adoras vernizes. Eu também sou assim! adoro mudar de cores e ter sempre as unhas arranjadas. E não resisto a um bom frasco de verniz com uma cor linda e original! Hhehe!
    Beijinhos :)


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