Things I bought on the last 2 months.

Here's some things I bought over the last 2 months, before and after I went to Mozambique.

3 Risqué Nailpolishs in, Obsessão (purple), Rose Bombom (light pink), New York (dark grey)

Labello Fruity Shine Cherry - I can not tell you how much I love this lip balm <3 Although this is a new version of the Labello Cherry lip balm. This one has a bit of like shimer/glitter in it, and the colour is not has pigmented as it used to be, but the cherry smell is still there humm nom nom nom =3

Clean & Clear 3 Step Skin Care - I was like pay 2 and get 1 free, it cost like 11.99€, so for free it came the Tonic 

Steripan Insoles - for the sandals that I used at the wedding in Mozambique

Sephoras's Body Scrub in Cranberry Litchi

A Foundation Brush from Oriflame - It cost like 3.95€ it was on Sale, but the brush is smaller than I thought it would be.

Sephora's Concealer+Corrector - On the left is the Corrector for like covering acne or like some red spots you may have on the face, and on the right is the Concealer for the eyes. I ended up leaving in Mozambique, I gave it to my cousin, but once I got back I bought another one from a different brand...

Aroma do Campo - On the left it's a cream to soften your hair, to make it easier to comb your hair mace of Mineral Clay, and on the right is a conditioner with shock of Keratin

2 Nailpolish - I can't remember the numbers, but the Goldy Yellow one is mine, and the other one belogs to my mother

Nivea Extension Nano Definition Mascara

Clinians - Make up eye remover

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