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How was your Christmas and New Year's Eve? Well mine were different this time, I was in Mozambique, and this last Christmas, I didn't recieve any Christmas gifts -well until last night-, in part because my family that I was with, is Muslim, and Muslims don't celebrate Christmas. But the New Year's party was the bomb, spent it at a beach woot woot hot weather :p . I think that the fact that I got the chance to go to Mozambique again, is already a big fat Christmas gift.

On Wednesday me and Akuma Kanji, went to Freeport, which is like a Outlet shopping mall bla bla and we did some shopping. I didn't find many exciting things, and if I did I didn't have the money for it, and also I had to focus my shopping toward things that I need not thing that I want, get the difference? o_O
You see, next month I'll be in Prague, and it's freaking cold over there.... so I NEED more warm clothes, and also decent clothes, 'cause I'll be working there for 7 months. But what I WANTED to buy, were alot of like cocktail dresses and high heeled shoes, and little bags etc, etc... rsrsrsrsrsr. We went to soooo many shops, but I ended up just buying clothes at Lefties. I think Lefties is suppose to belong to Zara or something, their either old clothes from Zara or clothes with some sort of defect....
I bought what you will see below:

Cupcake pijama pants, 3.99€

Red shirt, 2.99€
Since the pijama pant didn't have a matching shirt, or at least one that I could find, I decided to buy a red shirt, it matches so... yeah 

Dark Blue Turtle neck Jersey, 2.99€ 

     Grey Turtle neck Jersey, 2.99€    
 Grey Coat, 15.99€

Blue Skinny Denim, 12.99€

On the next day I went to another clothes store called Modalfa and I bought a pack of socks, and another Jersey.

 Blue Turtle neck Jersey, 4.99€

Aaaannnd on Friday, I met up with a couple of friends of my from University at another Shopping Mall called Vasco da Gama in Lisbon, and I ended up going to Claire's and bought like a manicure wallet, with a scissor, nail clipper, etc..., because one os my nails was like breaking and bothering me like crazy. And I also bought 3 rings, it was one there Sales times thing that they do, if you go to Claire's you know what am I talking about, like pick 5 things from a stand and pay only 5€ for those 5 things, or in this case was pick 3 pay 2 of them.

Originally 7.95€ now 4€

Originally 7.95€ now 4€

Originally 11.95€ now 6€

Manicure Wallet, 6.95€

Late Christmas Gifts from my friend Andreia, Nail Polish from Essence nº28 Plum Perfect, and a Lipgloss from Essence Volume & Gloss nº004 Fruit Punch taste+smells like oranges/tangerines.

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