Clean up.... Part.II + Discovery

Yesterday I decided to unfollow some Blogs, which I did. But I didn't finish reviewing my list >,<.
As I unfollowed like maybe a duzen of Blogs, I started following 2 new ones :P, out with the old, in with the new.
Both os this Blogs are from portuguese people, one is from a girl Ivânia Santos, Ivania Diamond, and the other one is from a boy Rúben Santos, Rúben Santos Couture.
I discovered Ivânia, while I was writting a comment on Birds On A Wire Blog, cause she also left a comment over there, and I decided to check her Blog. And to my surprise what do I discover on her Blog? That apparently she's organising a Bloggers gathering for the 20th of February here in Portugal, my reaction was like "YEAAAAHH", and a split second after I saw the date and location and  was like "Nnnoooooo" :(, I won't be in Portugal by then, and also the meeting is in Braga, which is in the North of Portugal, and I live kinda in the center towards the South of the country :/ oh well, I hope that the event is sucessful, and that they make many others like these in other cities. If you are from Portugal and if you are interested in going, check Ivânia's Blog for this subject for more info (click here).
Rúben's Blog I discovered when I went to his Facebook page, and saw that he recently created a Blog, so I went to check it out, and it's cool. Both Blogs, focus mostly on Fashion, and some personal details about their lives, among other things.
Go check them out if you want :p


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