Still in Mozambique...

Hello everyone.... How was your holidays? And the New Year shenanigans? Mine was quite good, quite different, I went to the beach :p. My aunt has a property on a beach in Murrebué, and me plus a whole a lot of family spent the night over there, I only slept like 2 hours from 4am till 6am, inside my aunts car. Cause the tends were occupied by the grown ups, and the house, was extremely HOT inside, so me and a cousin of mine took a nap in the car. And we woke up at 6am, cause the sun rises freakin' early, and it was allready hot.
Then I had some problems..... and I wasn't able to catch my flight back to Portugal yesterday (5 of January) hhhuuummm yyeaaaahhh :S sssoooooo I'm stuck over here for a while, till my uncle manage to find a way for me to go back, before my Visa expires >.< .
I'm barely gonna stay in Portugal, 'cause in February I start an internship in Prague (Czech Republic). I'm so tired of packing and unpacking -_- .
My laptop is kinda F up right now, the battery is completely addicted :S and the laptop's charger, died x_X ooohhhh lucky me...... My laptop only has a year and 4 months, so is still under warranty (2 years), I just don't know, if the warranty covers the charger's problems :S I really don't feel like spending money, buying a new charger -_- but if I have to, well I HAVE TO, 'cause I will need my Laptop while I'm Prague....
Well that's all for now... since I have a lot of stuff to take home, I will probably have to leave some of my clothes behind :S sssooo I start selecting the clothes.... In a way is a good thing, I have a problem with letting go of stuff and clothes, and since it's a new year, is time to make room for some new clothes :D


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