Je arrivé home ^^ >.< :(

Ssssoooo I'm back in Portugal >.<. My uncle was able to get a ticket for the 7th of January from Maputo, Mozambique to Lisbon, Portugal (my original flight was suppose to be on the 5th of January, but because of some other shenanigans, I wasn't able to catch that flight).
My dear cousin Deny took me to the airport, the check in started at 6am, I basically didn't sleep the night before, my flight was at 8:20am. A flight from Lisbon to Maputo, takes about 10 hours, but in this case the airplane made a stop in Johannesburg, South Africa (yeah my 2nd time in South Africa lol), but I had to stay IN the airplane, for like an hour and a half -_- booorriinngg, and then from there straight to Lisbon. The airplane belonged to the Portuguese airline TAP, but it was one of the older planes, at least comparing to he one that I took from Lisbon to Maputo in early December. The one that I took in December, like everybody had their own personal T.V. monitor, so you could choose whateva you wanted to see, ear, or play, now the airplane that I took 2 days ago, only had like 6 T.Vs. on the middle road, and they showed 1st the News - 1st in Portuguese, then in English - and later 2 Movies - Wall Street 2, and The A-Team - then you had the option of like 10 radio stations, but since I didn't sleep much, I passed most of the flight napping.
The airplane arrived on time in Portugal, about 19:30ish, the boring part was the waiting for the bags.... some bags came out, the ones that had a red priority sticker on it, but then a Lady from the airport warned us that there was gonna be a delay of like 15 minutes, for the rest of the bags to come -_- aaahhh. And then they started coming, and I waited, and waited, and waited, and I was starting to get nervous and afraid, thinking that maybe my bag got lost >.< but no, aleluia!
My parents came to pick me up, and the we went to Queluz were a cousin of my mother lives, and we stayed for the night. I was soooo tired, I think I went to bed at 11pm, and got out of bed on the next day at 12pm, I wanted to stay longer of course, but I couldn't, 'cause we were leaving to our house later.
Once at home, I unpacked my bags, something that I rarely do once I arrived home, unpacking for me, normally is a 1 week process. But this time, I didn't wanna waste time with that.... just to think that later ths month I will have to pack my bag again to Prague, it drives me crazy >.<.
Now I'm gonna go to bed, tomorrow is Sunday, the Official "Coach Potato Day", I will sleep till as long as I can, recovering. and then try to catch up with the loads of series I was watching before I left...
Although Mozambique has a lot of problems (in my point of view) I already miss that place, and all my Family over there. This time around I spent more time in the South of the country than on the North, the 1st time I went to Mozambique in 2001 I spent 2 months and a half on the North (Pemba) and about 2 week on the South (Maputo), this time it was the other way around, but I only spent 1 month in Mozambique, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm going to Prague in February, I would have stayed longer...
I loved being there, and this time I had more adventures, some that I can not write over here haha :p.
As soon as I get my Laptop situation sorted, I will write some more stuff about my journey. Just for the record, my Laptop's battery is completely addicted, and my charger fried o_O yeaahh, so all of my pictures are in my Laptop that I took with me to Mozambique. I have another computer at home (Windows XP Professional 2003), it works, but it's sooo slloooowww, it drives me crazy -_-
Well that's all folks, I leave you with a pic of myself at a beach in Murrebué. I guess it's the name of the "city" or whateva..... that was the warmest water that I ever been in, like WOOW, like insanely HOT!


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  1. Looks like a gorgeous beach and I love your bikini :)

    No, I don't use lookbook.. I don't think I have the right style for it. But I do use Chictopia :)


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