Clothes can make a difference.

This morning, I was checking some Blogs, I visited Raquel's Blog Chloe Marie Antoinete, and while ready one of her posts, she mentioned another Blog, called O Alfaiate Lisboeta, and there I saw one post intitled "O Rossio em Tons Quentes" (translating is like, "Rossio (which is an area in Lisbon) in warm tones") and as I saw the Lady's picture, it was when FINALLY  hit me...... "Dam if I had better clothes, I would probably enjoy Winter more".
When I say better, it doesn't mean expensive clothes, I'm not rich, and I'm use to buying "cheap" clothes, and don't mind, when I say better is more in terms of my taste, and fashion sense of style.
Am I girl...  love Fashion, I love clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc... but Im not a stylist person, I don't have a fixe style, my way of dressing may change from day to day, depending how is my spirit, or the weather outside. Sometimes I fell girly, sometimes I feel more rockish, bla bla bla, but whatever the style on me is, I always feel like Meh :s maybe 'cause I'm doing something wrong, I don't know...
Gonna start paying more attention to Fashion Blogs, my favourite type of Blogs, I follow quite a few, some of my favourites are:
Brooklyn Blonde
- ChloeMarieAntoinete
- cowbiscuits.
- FashionChampagne
- Fashion Zen
- Le Blog de Betty
- Natalie's fashion workshop
- Oh Really?
- Style Scrapbook
- The Blonde Salad
- the fashion through my eyes
Besides these Blogs that I follow, I also have an account on Lookbook.nu, as loads of pictures, of people showing their cltohes, how they dress, and bla bla bla.
Need to start doing a wardrobe revolution!

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