Done aaaaand DONE! Prague here I come

On Monday I went shopping with my Mother, for a few little things that I need to take with me to Prague. Next week I'll be moving to Prague, I'm gonna do an internship over there for 7 months. I'm excited and nervous at the same time, I guess is normal right? This will be my first time going to Czech Republic ^^, and I'm lucky to know a few people over there, most of them are people that I met when I was studying in Nottingham 09/10, for my Erasmus year. I know a boy named Jay and a girl named Zuzana, I even got to live with them for a month while in Nottingham, but then shenanigans happened (nothing to do with them) and I have to change places. Also I know Eva, Zuzana's sister, and Kamila, Eva's friend ^^. Also I kinda know a girl named Claudia, she studied @ the same Uni as me in Lisbon, Portugal, the year before me 08/09 she did an Erasmus year in Nottingham, and later on she moved to Prague XD.
So I booked my airplane ticket, and I'm flying on the 25th of January >.< aaaahhh, hope no crazy Winter storm ruins my journey -_-.
It feels so weird, 'cause just like a week ago I came back from Mozambique, and now I'm flying off again. Maybe it's better this way, 'cause probably if I stayed longer over here, I would loose all my PUMPNESS and EXCITEMENT!
Tomorrow I will try and post some of the things that I recently bought :p.

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