Musical Friday #120

EN: I spent the week in pain because of my wisdom tooth. Like the little unlucky situation weren't enough during the weekend my gum around my wisdom started to swell and then it got to a point that I couldn't swallow my food properly :S.
So since the last thing I wanted to do was go to a Dentist, not because I'm afraid but because I didn't want to spend money, I don't have a job yet and I have to save the money that I have. In the days that followed I took Paracetamol and gargled some warm water with salt and it actually helped. 
Right now I'm a lot better, I can eat, talk, swallow normally, I just have a little "numbness" right at the back. I guess the wisdom tooth decided to grow a bit so it kind move the teeth in from of him just a little bit. 
But as soon as I get a job I'm going to the Dentist and I've heard that they are not cheap over here (are they ever?).

Britney Spears - Work Bitch - New

Katy B.- 5 AM - New

Block B - Very Good - New

G.R.L. - Vacation

Brown Eyed Girls - Kill Bill

Nikita - ИГРА

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