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EN:  I'm going to try and do a new segment on my Blog. Since I'm living in London and every now and then I visit new places, I thought I might as well share it with you. So these type of posts will be named "London | (the name of the place or show)". Let me know if you would like more of these kind of posts.
I will start with a show that I watched on my second day in London, it was STOMP! I've known about STOMP for years but this was the first time that I actually saw them perform live. A friend of mine had some tickets because some else gave them to her, so the four of us went to see it. The show was at the Ambassadors Theatre located in West Street (WC2H 9ND), the place is about 100 years old and the closest Underground stations are Leicester Square or Covent Garden. 
If I'm not mistaken the show started at 20:00 and it was about an hour and 40 minutes, it was a very small venue and we weren't aloud to film or take pictures, so I'm very sorry I don't have anything to show you but I can tell you that it was AMAZING! 
While I lived in Prague I lived with a ballet dancer, so I know that she had to train/rehearsal almost everyday and then even perform at night the same day so I can only imagine how many hours they have to rehearsal per day, they probably have different casts, so is not always the same group performing every night.
The show was mind blowing for me and the fact that they make music out of ANYTHING, literally anything, from a bag, a box of matches, (cigarette) lighter, newspapers, garbage cans, tubes, brooms, etc etc. And the amount of energy that they have... I want to know what do they eat that gives them so much energy! 
Sometimes the audience "participated" in the show, and by this I mean that we imitated their claps... yeah my hands kinda hurt in the end, so avoid having many rings on your hands haha.
Oh and also, avoid the front row (the closest to the stage) because you might end up taking a shower. There was one part of the show that they use water and there was a moment of SPLASH ssoooo yeah, the people sitting in the front row most likely got wet.
Honestly I wouldn't mind watching it again, if things go well for me I might even go again. The ticket prices go from £20 to £55. As a souvenir I bought some pins.

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