Busy times ahead...

EN: I know... I know I haven't been the best Blogger in the world... but was I ever? HAHA NOT!
Some of you may already know this but a week from now I'm flying to London, I've been saying this for the last month or so. 
I haven't been able to sit and focus and do a proper Blog post in a while. And I know... I know there are tones of Bloggers out there that manage to study+work+be a wife+be a mother+1000 things and still do a blog post on a daily basis but that's them and this is me.
I've been dealing with my shiz making sure I don't forget to do anything before I leave, I even made a list of "things to do", no joke because my memory is getting that bad.
Other than that I'm starting my goodbye season for the 85582877 time. My friend are probably tired of me leaving the country (because I lived abroad 3 times) and going like "How many times is she going to do this again?" haha.
In any case I'm a bit more active on other social medias like Tumblr, Pinterest and my Facebook Fan Page. My Twitter is mostly links of things that I post on those websites and videos that I like on Youtube. And speaking of Youtube yeah that is on stand-by as well. I'm trying to see if I'm able to film a couple of videos before I go.
OH want to know something funny... that actually is not funny... I don't have a laptop... sooo I don't know how am I going to blog once I'm there. Where I'm staying they have a computer buuut it's not the same you know? I'll figure something out, if things go well I will buy a new laptop once I'm there. Although I don't fancy the English keyboard, because the signs are in different positions and others that are part of the Portuguese vocabulary I have to figure it out where they are -_-. Any suggestions of good laptops (no Mac/Apple stuff please).
Well that is all for now... I will see you tomorrow.

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