Musical Friday #116

EN: Hello Bananas!
It feels like Blogger is mocking me or something. Since last year I'm not able to access a certain part of Blogger where I can see all the Blogs that I follow and unfollow them if I wanted to. And now lately when I try to add photos for my posts either via a URL or just upload them directly to the post, they don't show up and the white board just stays open...so I have to close the post and re-open in order to add the photos... Jesus Christ!
And it just sucks that there is no one that I can contact about this. There is no direct email or phone number (that I know of) in order to complain and get it fixed. There is indeed a Google Forum but that thing for me is 99.9% useless. A few months ago when I tried to join Google AdSense, I got rejected mainly because of my URL. So there was no place for me to put the URL of my Blog so Google AdSense automatically uses my oooold URL, so of course I got a massage saying something like "this Blog doesn't exists" -_-, "would you like to try again?", yeah sure problem is again there is no place to add my current Blog URL... BAH!
Seriously Blogger... GET IT SORTED!

Franz Ferdinand - Right Action

One Republic - Counting Stars

The National - Graceless - New

Travis - Moving

John Newman - Cheating - New

Fall Out Boy - Alone Together (Part 4 of 11)

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Tumblr.

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