Nails Inc. London swatches: Power Pink


EN: Hello Bananas.
So today I have another nail polish show-off for you. It's a Nail Inc. London nail polish and the name of the colour is "Power Pink", although for me it doesn't necessarily looks like pink, for me it's more on the Lilac side. The bottle of this nail polish is a little bit diferent because it's written InStyle on the front of it. This is because this nail polish came with a magazine called InStyle. They had 3 options, this "Power Pink", a pastel light blue and then either a pastel peachy or a pastel yellow I can't remember. 
In case you don't know, in the U.K., Nails Inc. London nail polishes go from £11 to £14 individually (the least) and the magazine costs about £3.80, so it was a deal that I couldn't let it pass. Right?
Much like my other Nails. Inc. London nail polishes, the application is great, very smooth, it looks better with two coats and the durability like I always say, it will depend of your Topcoat and how much you touch water, but I reckon this one can go till 3 to 4 days intact. For the Topcoat I used Catrice "Quick Dry & High Shine".And for a bit of change, I applied some loose glitter that I have on my ring finger. 
What do you think of the end result?


These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. what a nice nail!
    I like your blog. If tyou wanna we can follow each other?



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