Musical Friday #94

Quote - Worse

EN: Hello Bananas. Remember my last Musical Friday in which I shared with you the fact that things don't always go as we wish and things were looking kinda bad my way? Yeah so they just got worse during this last week.
On Saturday I got a message from one of my childhood friends that she was going to surgery (again) :S. Then on Sunday something happened that left me very unhappy, sorry if I don't share with you what is, somethings are just meant to be kept private (if you are young, you were learn this with time). And then yesterday (Thursday) my mother's aunt (my aunt-grandmother) passed away.... *taking a deep breath*.
She was in the Hospital since around last Christmas and there have been lots of ups and downs with her health.
I honestly can not wait for this month to be over. I actually have at least 3 other family members that past away during March in the past... is too much...
Other than that, last Sunday since it was a crappy day luckily I already had schedule plans with my friend Akuma Kanji and went to the Optician to get my new glasses and that in a way it also helped me take my mind of things and later on at night we re-watched a bunch of old Jackass episodes, aahhh teenage years.
And also I slept over my friend house (the one that went to surgery) for 2 nights. Sincer her boyfriend had to work the late night shift, I stayed with her during the night to keep her company and be sort of a "nurse".
And that was my week.

Jakwob - Fade feat. Maida

Neon Hitch - Pink Fields - New Single

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