Dream House #11

EN: Hello Bananas! Today's Dream House post is about bedrooms again. I did a post about this more than a year ago [here], where I talked about the type of bedroom that would like to have for my bedroom at my parents house. Although I'm an adult now and hopefully I would be able to move out of parents house forever I would still like to decorate my bedroom the way that shared with you on that last post (sort off Japanese inspired and black and white with maybe a bit of red or purple).
Anyways the photos on this post today are not Japanese inspired, but most of them have something in common, big windows, neutral/soft colours and a bit minimalistic.
Where I live with my parents, my bedroom has to be a bit of a bedroom+office space, which can be a bit of a mess. So in a perfect world, I wish to maintain my bedroom as simple as possible and for one purpose only sleeping (aaaaand other stuff -_- but we don't need to talk about that lol) and when I say as simple as possible it means not even a wardrobe inside or a vanity table, those things would be in a different room, a walking closet if you wish, but like I said before, his would be in a perfect world.

I do not own the Copyrights of these pictures. They were found via Tumblr & Pinterest.


  1. Gorgeous bedroom inspiration. I had to pin a few of these!

  2. OMG!! We have very similar taste!! Loving the dark wood floors and open feel!!


  3. Stunning! I wish to live somewhere near the ocean someday, would be a dream come true! :) xx


  4. Oi linda, ainda estou em Portugal...já não devo ir YAYYYYY :)já me consegui organizar, mas eu falo nisso no video que ja gravei, mas tenho preguiça para editar :P
    Beijinhos grandes********

  5. Wow!

    The view in the last picture is absolutely stunning! If only...



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