Musical Friday #42

Hello everyone!
FIRST OF ALL, the date for my Giveaway deadline has been changed. Previously it was going to end this Sunday the 18th but since I've been noticing some mistakes, and I guess some people had problems with the program Rafflecopter, I'm trying to sort things out. So the new date is on the 31st of March, so TWO more extra weeks! I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. I will announce the winner either on the 1st/2nd of April (depending own things go) I will do a post on my Blog, announce it on Twitter, my Facebook page and my G+ page... so basically EVERYWHERE! And I will send an email to the winner and she/he will have to response within 48 hours after the announcement.
Okei, other this, my week went well, pretty fast I'll say, and I kinda felt sick this week again -_-, I reminded myself that last time I lived in the U.K. (in Nothingham) atleast once a month I will get sick, except like in the warm season from April onwards I think, but from mid September 2009 till March 2010, I was always, once a month be sick, fever, coff, cold bla bla bla, the rain was terrible for me. Like in Portugal when it rains, is not that cold, but if you catch rain in Nottingham OOMMGGGG I died! It is soooo cold! Terrible! One afternoon I forgot my umbrella so I caught some rain, it wasn't even that much, but it was enough for me, that same day I started to have throat pains and the rest followed....
Other than that, yesterday I had another Acting Class, it was loads of fun and I should try and bring more practical clothes, meaning no jeans, 'cause we have to run, and jump, and lay on the floor all sort of stuff, and jeans can be very like... not stretchy enough XD. We actually did a bit of acting, very small script, but still it was ultra fun and I really enjoy it. I can't wait to do more of that!
Have a nice weekend!
P.S.: On the 18th of March I guess it's Mother's Day in the U.K., while in Portugal on the 19th is suppose to be Father's Day... huuumm funny... why can't they all agree in one day? Like Christmas lol.

Birdman feat. Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne – Y.U. MAD

K'NAAN - Is Anybody Out There? ft. Nelly Furtado

Shot Caller (Remix) with pdiddy

DEV - In My Trunk

Busta Rhymes - Why Stop Now (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown

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This pictures was taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. Love Busta Rhymes!!!! If not you, I wouldn't have any new songs:) Always download smthing new after these Friday's posts!


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