Musical Friday #41

Hello everyone! What's going on hein?!
Apparently I have a Canadian English accent o_O haha! Yesterday on the train, I was talking to two of my colleagues, one is a Spanish boy, the other a Thai-German girl and a man (kinda drunk) comes along and asked me: "Is that a Canadian accent?"
Me: aaahhhhhh not really I guess...
Man: Where are you from?
Me: Portugal.
Man: #Shocked faced O_O. But but but how did you get that accent, there's a certain area in Canada that talks like that...
Me: I've been practicing for years... TV helps.
Man: Ooohhh I don't watch TV...
Then I had to leave the train and according to my colleagues that stayed the man kept talking to other people... I had to get out of the train to change to the Underground toooo gooo tooo my Acting classes >.< at City Acting Fun.
It was actually fun, no real acting going on yet XD. Our teacher is suppose to be a lady called Roses, but for some reason she couldn't be there so another teacher came to substitute his name was Charlie. We did some funny games in order to memorize everyone names, talked about who we were, why we were there, what is Acting for us. Our class has people from the U.K. and out and not everybody is there to become an actor, some are to overcome like crowd fears, like when they to oral presentations at work and are not comfortable with it, other to gain confidence, and some to fulfill their dream curiosity/wish. This curse is eight weeks long, I'm still exited and nervous to what is going to happen next. After the class some went to a nearby Pub, but I couldn't go. The class is from 7 till 9pm, I have to wake up early in the morning, and the cherry on top of the cake..... my period was coming along -_-, so it was best for me to go home after the class.
In case you haven't noticed yet, I'm doing my First Giveaway on my Blog, fell free to join and please read the rules before entering. This weekend I'm gonna start to note down the entries that I have, some people are making some mistakes so I will try and notify them in order for them to correct the mistake. You should be able to log in to the Rafflecopter of my Giveaway and change information if need it. 
Good Luck everybody and have a nice weekend

Lloyd feat. Trey Songz, Young Jeezy – Be The One

Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo - Think Like A Man ft. Rick Ross - New Single

Lincoln Jesser - New Blood - New Single - New artist in the block... I think... I'm still trying to understand this video and song XD.

Tinchy Stryder - Bright Lights ft. Pixie Lott - New Single

Romeo Santos - All Aboard ft. Lil Wayne - New Single

Don't forget to join my Giveaway, it ends on the 18th of March!

The 1st picture was found at We Heart It. Second picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


  1. Karen... o homem estava meio bêbedo... sabe lá ele distinguir pronúncias XD se ele visse Jackass diria que tu trabalhaste com eles XD

  2. so what are you doing at the acting classes - considering a career? :P good music, cheerios to the weekend :):)

    1. I don't knoooowww man, I will try and see how it goes, if I have any talent or not and shiz >.<

  3. I really like that video :D



  4. Karen, passei-te uma TAG minha linda, passa pelo blog and check it out!ehehhe
    Andas a ter de aulas de representação?? mto nice!!:D


    1. Oi Oi, Obrigado pelo Tag, assim que tiver tempo farei :).
      Yeah aulas de representação, vamos a ber como corre XD

  5. Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo - Think Like A Man ft. Rick Ross a minha favorita:D
    Tens os mesmos gosto musicais que eu:D


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