Brands? That's irrelevant ... sometimes

In my opinion and attention this is just my opinion, sometimes brands are overrated and over priced for no reason. When I buy clothes or accessories, I don't go for the brand I go for the fact if it is beautiful and if it looks good on me or not... And I understand that like a pair of shoes in some cases the more expensive they are the better they are, and I say this comparing some boots for the rainy days that I can but from a local shop or a Chinese store that I might pay 25€ won't be necessarily as good as a pair of Dr.Martens or Timbaland boots.
Anyways today I want to show you something. Last December when Sales season arrived to Portugal, I went shopping with my mother to down town Lisbon (Baixa do Chiado) and the first shop I get in was one called WS2/W52 and I noticed that they had capes, which I've been "dying" to have one. The original price was 39.99€ and I bought it for 24.99€. Immediately when I saw the price tag, it reminded me of the one from Stradivarius. I mean just look the picture above, on the left is the tag from WSA/W52 from the jacket that I bought and on the right a tag from Stradivarius (that I asked a friend if I could have it for the sake of this post lol)... I meaann obvious much?
And then the thing that made me ROFLMAO, after I left WS2/W52 I entered a Stradivarius store... and what do I see THE SAME CAPE!!!!! WTF! The same EXACT design! And they were selling then for the Sales price of 29.99€ pppffffff fff ffff! 
This is not the first time that I have seen this. A few years back they passed in the News in Portugal that there was some Chinese shops selling clothes that looked exactly the same as some certain shops. For example, the same week I discovered that, I was in Bershka and I saw this shirt that had a skull... then a few days later I went to my local Chinese shop and I found theee ssaammmeee exact shirt, the only difference was the "brand" tag fffuuuuuuuu.


This is ssssooooo bad, which means things come out of the same factory, they just change the tags and the prices -_-. Please fell free to share this story! Has this ever happened to you?


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These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. Que coisa mais estranha. Quer dizer, estranho não é, até é bastante habitual, mas credo, ao que chegámos :s Quero tanto o teu giveway ihihihi

  2. Oh meu Deus!! Eu não tinha qualquer ideia que isto acontecia...!! Já participei no giveaway! =D

  3. A capa é perfeita!:D
    Não tinha conhecimento de tal coisa...

  4. You are totally right!
    I've noticed that Stradivarius, Pull & Bear and Zara have pretty much the same stuff. Only thing that is different are colors and prices. Here where I live they have stores one beside another so if I go in Zara I will check out Stradivarius and Pull & Bear too...and every time I'm WTF!!

  5. Já tenho visto umas coisas parecidas. Até já fiz um post com uma camisa da Zara e uma da Romwe, parecem exatamente iguais.
    Para além disso já podes ver marcas como a Sheinside que vende muitas das peças da Zara e outras marcas mais. Sinceramente não me estranha nada. :)
    è necessário estar atento e muito.


    Já agora, onde estas a viver? Não tens uma loja de bricolage perto? Eles têm lá sprays acrilicos.
    De qualquer nodo hoje já mostro o passo a passo. :)


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