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This information might not be news for some of you, but I guess there are some of you that might not know about this. In any case I wanted to do a post about it in order to express my thoughts on the subject.
So there are these 3 famous Fashion Bloggers, Andy from Style Scrapbook, Chiara from The Blonde Salad and Carolina from Fashion Squad, they have been around for a while now, each one of them has different styles with a few things in common, and besides blogging some of them have their separate projects, I know that Andy has a bag collection (dedicated to cameras in a way) in partnership with Kipling, Chiara has her own shoe line called Chiara Ferragni and recently a lingerie collection with Yamamay, I'm not 100% sure about Carolina but I think she is a model aswell... 
Anyways these three beautiful girls got together and decided to create a online shop called Werelse, they launched last year and they started off with 4 T-Shirts designs. And I think things are going preeettyyy well for them, they even won the Best Blogger Business of the Year at the Bloglovin' Awards early this year. I admit I like some of them, but when I saw the prices I kinda *gaaassppped*, 38€ (the cheapest one) for a T-Shirt? Say uuuWhhaaaaatt? UUFFFF Pass...
They have recently announced they are going to launch a small accessories collection in partnership with Mango Touch and is going to hit stores on the 12-15th of April (uuuhhh 3 days before my Bday :p).
Now... if I was a rich girl... I would buy everything... but since I'm not, the items that I reeeeallllyy like are, the black wedge sandals, the black bracelet, the black purse (Love Black Much?), and the neon yellow bag. I'm just waiting for the prices to be revealed and have another *gasp* moment followed by a little heart attack -_-. I will probably be only able to afford the bracelet XD.
So what do you think? Do you like anything? Are you going to buy anything?

For more info visit Vogue PT here and here, Werelse website/Facebook, and Mango website/Facebook

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They were randomly picked from Vogue.PT and Google Images.


  1. That is such a great news to all the Mango lovers out there. I would also love to have some accessories from their latest collection. I really hop we're rich so we could grab everything we want to have from any stores. :-)

    I hope you get to visit my blog soon.

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

  2. Olá linda!!
    Confesso que já gostei mais da Mango que agora!!
    Pelo menos aqui em Aveiro as colecções não são nada de especial!!

    Mas gostei de algumas coisinhas que postaste

    Beijinhos Grandes

  3. Eu ando morta por ver esta colecção, especialmente por ser criada por bloggers como nós!

  4. This is so good! love Rossy de Palma! :D



  5. boo, so they launch it in april, cause I was looking for it today; by the way atm Mango Prague have the exactly same shoes like the black with neon heel, but they are beige with a transparent heel, otherwise - same model :) I got a mango touch bag today, la la la :) very cute, coral colour :)


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