Musical Friday #40

Heeeeeyyyyy everyone! How was your week? I´m finally better from my sickness! The weekend is just around the corner, and again the Victoria Underground line will be closed -_-... they are doing some reconstructions on the line, so during the weekends they will close some lines and make people lives a living hell when they need to go somewhere, we have to catch a Bus or the Overground but better to do this on the Weekend than during the Week.
Anywwwaaaaayyyssss... Check this out! I'm gonna do my FIRST GIVEAWAY! Very soon I will do the post regarding it, I just need to buy a few little things and then see if I can manage to use the program Rafflecopter in order to pick the winner. I hope you girls (and boys) will like it! I will probably do a video showing the products but the giveaway will be held here on Blogger, later on I might do a Giveaway just for my Youtube channel. Are you guys excited? The Picture above is a little preview of the Giveaway stuff. 
Have a nice weekend!

Spank Rock Feat. Santigold - Car Song - New Single - I like this song, the video is cool, till the point the blue Ladies come in -_- that part is just simply wtf...

Kelly Rowland - Keep It Between Us - New Single

Yuna - Live Your Life - New Single

Nina Sky - Day Dreaming - New Single - Remember them? Yeeaaahhh these sisters changed A LOT!

DEV - Take her from You - New Single

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. thaanks so much for those advices regarding london! i'm soo excited:)
    I'll definitely check out those stores we haven't here! whaat? there is a F21? omg, where?:D


  2. I wanna be part of the giveaway, I wanna be part of the giveaway; already saw the youtube video, so I am not exactly sure if this is the post where we should subscribe; is it? is it? :P well, in any case :) keep up with the good work shush, lovely items you have picked there :):)



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