Musical Friday #2

Kazaky - Love – I’m in love with this song and videoclip, look at this 4 Ucranian guys dancing in HIGH HEELS! OMG! I think they should work with Lady Gaga… I’m just saying… Do you think they’re gay? :P Honey Strike a Pose!

Beyoncé – Run The World (Girl) – Huummmm I know, that I know that little sound on the background, but I can’t remember from which song.

Rihanna - California King Bed – Hummmmm meh.

Jennifer Lopez - I'm Into You ft. Lil Wayne – Humhum ok ok .

The Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party – OK LET’S PAAARRRTTYYYY!!!!


  1. amazing selection dear!
    Amazing blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  2. Video da Beyonce, 0:50, espasmos???? XDDD

  3. Great music choices! I love the new Beyonce music video so very much! Your blog has so many lovely things filing it! Take look at my blog if you get the chance :)


  4. Yea, Kazaky are...awesome:)!!! Heard they aren't gays
    Nice blog!
    following you now!


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