Lady Gaga on the cover of V Magazine 2011

Have you seen the latest photo shoot of Lady Gaga for V Magazine the Asian Issue? I’m loving it.
In all photos she is wearing the bracelet that she made to support and help Japan "We pray for Japan".

These images were taken from Google


  1. Gaga always seems to amaze me... what will she come up with next?! I just went to her concert a month ago and the outfits were out of this world, and her voice is live and on point.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog ;) Hope you can stop by again soon and follow if you like ?? I'll follow in return :)


  2. Olá querida =)
    Eu gostei das fotos, diferentes como o custume e o cabelo dela está engraçado :P

    Quanto ao meu cabelito ainda não pintei :P
    Estas fotos foram antes de ter pintado, ainda não tive foi oportunidade de as publicar ;)
    Mas o cabelo já está bem mais claro :D
    Um dia destes mostro como está a ficar ;)


  3. WOW Gaga looks amazing. I always find her covers so interesting. xoxo

  4. Hey hun, thanks for your comment. Paris is fab, buy a guide book and see what interests you the most, you will have a great time.


  5. I'm having a giveaway for a $75 gift card to old gold boutique if you'd like to check it out. xx

  6. I thought it was a very eye-catching ever and magazines with Gaga cover is always an attraction! She's always making a statement with her outfits..and so fearless! xoxoxoo

  7. I thought the editorial images were incredible!

  8. Gaga always rocks at whatever she does. That cover is awesome and nothing like I've ever seen. And that bracelet is cool too. I wouldn't have seen this without your post so thank you!



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