Celebrities and the names that they give to their offsprings

So recently actress Alicia Silverstone became the mother of a baby boy.... and his name BEAR BLU! UUUWWWHHAATTT?!?!?! Why would you do such a thing? Please tell me! How much do you love your child? What's up with these celebrities... okei okei I know is not only the celebrities that give unusual names to their children, I've seen and heard some weird names coming from the "common people" and boy oh boy, were they bad... I could NEVER name my child Bear, or Apple x_X I would basically be thowing him in to the bullying alley...


  1. eu já não sei quem é masss há um qq que se chama Bunny, porque nasceu na pascoa =D

  2. O outro chama-se Bear Grills (O Urso está a fazer churrasco???) e só isso já deve fazer a criança sentir-se melhor... saber que não está sozinha :P


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