It's here... it's curvy... and ready to make another shoe frenzy

You probably have noticed around some famous shoes/ankle boots called Lita from Jeffrey Cambpell. Well nooooowwww Lita has a sister and her name is Lana :P.
Have you seen them? The first time I saw them was on Lookbook.nu, a girl wearing them, and I was like... hummm those look like Lita, but different. Later on that same day I saw in another Blog talking about them, so they actually belong to Jeffrey Campbell.
I admit I’m not toooo crazy about the curved heels, but I’m okay with that piece on the back of the heel being cut of, but Hey maybe it depends on the type of outfits that you wear it. I think that my favourites so far are the Brown Lana's, and the Beige and Khaki Fab Lana's.
What do you think about them? Yey or Ney, or you simple just prefer the Lita?

Lana Black and Lana Brown

Lana Fab Beige and Lana Fab Khaki

Lana Sequin Golden and Lana Sequin Silver

Lana Fur Cheetah, Lana Fur Black and Lana Fur White and Black Jaguar

All images belong to Solestruck and you can buy these boots also there

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