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Now you probably thinking that I have a GAGA obsession, well not necessarily, but still ever time she does something, is a reason to talk about it. She not only can sing, but she’s a true entertainer, I never been to one of her shows, but from what I’ve seen so far on the internet, it has been like WOW.
Have you seen her cover for Harper Bazzar’s magazine? What’s up with the multiple boobs picture? XD

Are those shoes actually walkable?

Also recently the new Lady Gaga lipstick and lip gloss for MAC cosmetics came out, it’s called Viva Glam II Amplified, it’s  in the nude’s shades.

Regarding her music, her second single “Judas” is creating a big buuuzzzzz, specially with the Catholic Church :S. And apparently the album’s cover also came out, I’m don't I like it... I don’t get it. Fusion of Gaga and a Motorcyle.

Again, how can she walk on those?

Lady Gaga performed “Judas” at the Ellen Degenorous show.

Last but not the least... I saw this las video yesterday for HBO backstage concert in New York, there is nothing I can say about it... just watch it.

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