Finally the fuss is over... well...

EVERYBODY talking about the Royal wedding the Royal wedding, buuuhhuuhu My William is getting Married AARRGGHHH >.<
So as you might have noticed today was the Royal Wedding (29 April 2011) of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.
I was able to see a bit of the ceremony in the morning, because they were broadcasting on Youtube. Oh yes on Youtube…I didn’t even know there was a Royal Youtube Channel….. and it’s about 3 years old haha.
Catherine wedding dress was nice, clean cut, it suited her very well. Simple but still trés chic :P
The dress was from Sarah Burton for the Alexander Mcqueen house.
Long Lived the (Mc)Queen!
Now what... I guess people spend another month talking about the wedding dress, the guest list, and what they were wearing, lot's of interesting hats, and the "party", and were will the newlyweds spend their Honeymoon.


  1. Loved the wedding and the dress! Thanks for your comment.

    xo L.


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