Ooooohh to be a girl....

These are just a few itens that I recently bought. I know that in one of my last Shopping post, I said that I had to be careful when shopping in Prague, but lets just say that this case was an exception, but it was:
A) something I was looking for a while now,
B) on Sale,
C) Been on a hunt for something like that;

A) A black straight skirt, that reaches above my knee. I was stupid not to buy something like this when I was living in the U.K. last year, it was full of these skirts, speacially in Primark... stupid me... So I bought this skirt at New Yorker, although the brand is Amisu.... I don't get it.

B) Oh yeah Baby, Rock'n'Roll. So also in New Yorker, I bought these leather pants (I don't know if it is actual leather or not, but whateva), and this baby was on a massive sale, I bought it for like +/-5€, I was like, it's now or never. Again, although I bought it in New Yorker, the tag says Fishbone.

And also came with a belt... WIN!

C) And last but not least... tights. The story with the tights. I've been going a lot to Zara, H&M, New Yorker, Mango bla bla, in order to find cool tights, with a nice pattern... but what a fail, it's always the same, simple black, white, brown, grey meh meh meh, nothing interesting. So I went to a Shopping Mall, and I went to this store called F&F, and they had a pair of tights that I fell in love like BOOM,! It was in one of those legs for exposition, so I searched for them... aaaanndd I couldn't find it, so I asked for help, the Lady also couldn't find it, she asked her colleague and the woman immediately said "No, we don't have it" ... I was like FFFFFUUUUUUUU, thinking for myself "SO WHY THE FUDGE DO YOU STILL HAVE THOSE OVER THERE RSRSRSRSR!" so I bought these ones instead. After we left that shop, we found Topshop, so we raaaaannn, and again I found like 3 pairs of tights on the fake leg exposition that I liked, and AGAIN, they didn't have it for sale.... WHAT THE BALLS!


  1. Olá! Adorei as leather pants! Adoro este tipo de calças e estas são bem giras. Boa escolha!
    Bjos :)

  2. I love the skirt! I have one similar too ;)

    xoxo F.

  3. Tenho uma saia igualzinha a essa, é perfeita pois adapta-se ao corpo e fica sempre bem*

  4. Wonderful shopping!!! Congr!!
    Thanks for stopping by! I'm following you, and you? :)
    Kiss, yumiKo



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