Christian Louboutin

Name: Christian Louboutin
Date of Birth: 07/January/1964
Nationality: French
Job: Shoe Designer

French shoe designer Christian Louboutin, is one of the most famous shoe designers in the world. Celebrities and Bloggers love him! I mean what's not to love about his shoes?
His been active since 1991, and opened his first shop in Paris in 1992. His trademark?  The red sole of his shoes, "In 1992 I incorporated the red sole into the design of my shoes. This happened by accident as I felt that the shoes lacked energy so I applied red nail polish to the sole of a shoe. This was such a success that it became a permanent fixture." - C.L.’s quote.

With heels that can go up till 12cm, in order to “make a woman look sexy, beautiful, to make her legs look as long as [he] can.” – C.L.’s quote.

C.L. also designs Bridal shoes, Man shoes and Handbags.

And apparently Christian Louboutin is suing Yves Saint Laurent for trademark infringing on its red-soled shoe trademark style. Louboutin claims YSL has started selling shoes with red soles that are identical to his shoes. Allegedly YSL also sent Louboutin a letter in January saying that they planned to “continue to sell the infringing footwear". :/
What more can I say? The shoes speak for themselves….. I would loooove to have one of his shoes.... preferably something with spikes! <3 My Bday is 4 days away... I'm just saying :P



  1. Isto é o Olhós Abiõnz Lá Tráz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hBUH1ECJBs&feature=related

  2. Loooove his shoes!

    I have a Free People give-away on my blog if you haven't already entered!
    strawberry freckleface

  3. What a genius! He is perfect ;DD

    xoxo F.

  4. i would love the basic pump as it would be such an investment!



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