Beyoncé moving her body

So this week was realest a videoclip starting Beyoncé Knowles, where she used one her single from the past “Get me Bodied” in order to motivate people to move and work out I guess. This video is to fight against child obesity.
1-     1-It funny when she goes like “to the left to left” and she goes to the right while everybody else goes to the left XD
2-    2- Loving the shoes with those neon aqua green socks. Trying to understand if those shoes are also the same colour of the socks, or if they are transparent  plastic in that area so what you seeing is the socks itself.
3-      3- What you think about these types of videos? In order to motivate people to work out?
Do you think they will actually work?

"Move your Body"

The original video from 2009 for "Get me Bodied" is the one below

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