September's Resume #10 @Prague

Praga Setembro 11
The view from my bedroom window at the break of dawn.
EN: Hello Bananas! This post will be about my last month in Prague back in 2011. I can't believe it took me so long to finish these resumes (lazy bum bum). But anyway I will leave in the end links to my previous post in case you want to see what happened before and I might do another post about "my tips/suggestions" for Prague, some places to visit in case you want to know.

Okei, now if you saw my previous post - August's Resume - you will know that by the end of the month of August I was on a road-trip with my boyfriend around Europe and I returned to Prague on the 31st of August and on the same day I had to go to work and the next days that followed - for like a week and a half - that's all I've done. Since I had "juggled" my vacation days, that meant that after I returned I would have very few days off, so it was kinda of crazy and extremely tiring and I have no photos from the 1st of September till the 16th . So I will fill you in with what happened during those days. Ah I should mention that at this point I was living alone. My roomate Aya had found a new flat to live on her own, that also was a bit closer to getting to work, we used to live in Prague area 6.

Starting with the 9th of September, it was the last day at work for my friend Moises, he was part of my Iberian Team (Portuguese and Spanish), so as tradition we went first for some drinks at the Moskyt bar and then to Mazanej Králícek. Since I didn't have my camera with me, here's a link from Youtube with some footage of the bar so you can kinda have an idea of the place. I actually had to Google it, because even I didn't remember being at the place (thank god for my agenda lol) but now that my memory was refreshed, I remember that it was a cool place with good music. And funny enough the music that they play in the video "Shakira - Rabiosa" was the song that me and Moises used to sing to each other as a joke.

After that, on the 12th of September it was my last day at work UUFF! I can't even remember what shift I had that day lol. So the next days that followed I started pre-packing - as I like to call it - and sorting out some little details. On the next day, the 13th, one of my best friends Zuzana was in town so we met up had dinner together and went to the nightclub Chapeu Rouge.
On the 14th, I did some things in the morning and since I was all alone I decided to go to my job and get the rest of my pay-check and say some more goodbyes and since I stayed there for so long I had dinner with one of my colleagues Petr and went to meet Zuzana and Kamila for a night out. The next day was basically the same, did some stuff in the morning, I was bored, went to my job stayed there for a while and had dinner with my colleague Jose and then went home.

Praga Setembro 11
Alright now for some fun. On the 16th of September I went to the KB Bank to close my bank account and then went back home glammed up and went for a night out in the amazing city that is Prague. So again as tradition we first went to Moskyt bar had some drinks and shots played some target board (is that how you call it in English?) and then we went to a new Nebe nightclub that had opened not to far away from there.
Praga Setembro 11
Praga Setembro 11
Praga Setembro 11
It was my first and last time at this Nebe club (I think lol) and out of the 3 this one is the best, I think, because of the space, you can actually dance there lol. I hate when nightclubs have good music to dance and then have no-space-what-so-what-ever to dance -_-, what's up with that?
Praga Setembro 11
Praga Setembro 11
It was a really fun night! I left Nebe probably at 4/5 AM I don't know, we still passed at Mac Donalds for some burgers and then I went home. Hummm actually it probably was almost 6AM, because that's when the metro starts working I think and I do remember going home my tram or taxi so I think I went by metro. Got home and slept till like freaking forever late in the afternoon. OOOHHHHH the hangover. -_-

On the next day (the 17th), or later on that day lol,  I was suppose to go for dinner at Aya's new place and then go out again but I could only manage for the peaceful and calm and delicious dinner, I didn't have the energy for another night out. In a way it was good because the next day (the 18th) I was flying home. So Aya and her boyfriend Honza came over to my flat, Aya still had some things of hers there, so we called a cab, so she could take the rest of her stuff to her new flat. On the way to the taxi we found a hedgehog :P.
We had dinner at Aya place, her new flat was adorable, it's a T0 but it's perfect for someone that lives alone. After the dinner we went to a close bar and had some desserts and then we said our goodbyes. I miss her so much.
Praga Setembro 11

18th of September of 2011 aka my last day in Prague. Aaahhh so many mixed feelings. I woke up packed the rest of my stuff that stayed outside because I still needed to used them, tidy up the house and just my luck it was a crappy rainy day and I thought, there is no way I'm going by bus to airport, I'm gonna call a taxi. And so I did.
Praga Setembro 11
Carrying (dragging down the stairs) my 30somethingKG bag down from the 4th floor it was as bad as the first day that I move in, A FREAKING NIGHTMARE lol. So I took down first my very heavy bag, then went up again (x_x) and brought my other bag, my backpack and a big purse/bag (and yes I had excess luggage), closed all the windows made sure everything was nice and tidy and closed the door, I didn't lock it, because I left my keys on the inside. My landlord at the time was living in Dubai so she said to leave the keys inside the flat, because she had a friend with an extra key, I think that was going to live there.
And so I was at my building entrance waiting for the call that my taxi had arrived and when he did came along we went to the airport (of course duh!). When I went to the check-in there was barely any people there and I was super nervous thinking how much was I going to pay for the excess luggage. And I actually ended up paying NOTHING MUUAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D. I explained the guy that when I came to Prague I had 10KG free for being and Erasmus student but I didn't know if I also had the same rights when returning. Just so you have an idea, my big bag was like almost 40KG and the smaller bag was like 18KG, So I had like 30KG of excess (NO JOKE) and they checked-in bought bags and charged me nothing. I almost felt like crying and say thank you a thousand times :P.
So I went to the waiting area and my plain was actually delayed like for an hour because of the bad weather. But it was all good, I probably arrived to Portugal, Lisbon airport, almost at midnight and I had my mother and cousin waiting for me ^_^.

Praga Setembro 11
Last day in Prague. Rainy day :(. Prague was sad that I was leaving lol.

AAAANNDD THAT IS IT YALL! Hope you enjoyed reading these Prague Resumes of mine, check out the links below for the previous posts and keep tunned for my final post about Prague regarding what to see and visit.  
Na Shledanou!

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  1. Beautiful photos and post!!! I love Prague!!
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  2. Awwww awesome photos, fun fun!!


  3. Very good post with a lot of beautiful pictures. Keep up the good work!

    Very good post with a lot of beautiful pictures. Keep up the good work!


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