My archived journey to Mozambique - Week #3

EN: Hello Bananas! Today's post it's about my journey to Mozambique in December of 2011, yep it has a while ago. Hope you will enjoy it!

On the 20th of December I probably did nothing special, I don't have any pictures of that day so we jump to the 21st. We had to wake up very early this day because we had to go to two places. First stop was my uncle's land and then we went to the beach.
My uncle bought some land and at the time he was building some houses or better yet bangalos. Recently I saw some pictures of a cousin of mine of the place and it looks so good.
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So after that, the next stop was the beach. We went to Ponta D'Ouro (if I'm not mistaken), at that beach there are little houses that you can rent and there are a lot of South Africans there. Unfortunately for us the weather was a bit unstable, it was sunny when we arrived, then cloudy, then sunny, then cloudy :S and the water was very cold for my taste. We had lunch there and went for a swim and soon after we had to leave because it was a big journey to return home, maybe like 2 to 3 hours driving and to make things worse it rain a bit in the afternoon, may I remind you that this is Africa and that many roads don't have tar on them (tar is that the correct word?) basically it's sandy roads and sand + water = mud! And just our luck on the way home we found a truck full of people that kinda got stuck on the mud, it was very slippery, and there were also cars coming the opposite direction, it was already dark, it was mental and we stayed there for like half an hour probably in that situation, my cousin driving this massive Toyota jipe with (in total) 8 people inside uuffff stressful. But in the end we managed to get home.
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On the next day (22nd) we spent most of the day chilling and what not and at night we went out for dinner at I guess a famous restaurant called Costa do Sol. And of course being the shrimp/prawns lover that I am that is exactly what I ate :P duh! That's what you do when you go to Africa you eat as much crustaceans as you can!
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On the 23rd we went for a evening swim (my uncle has a swimming pool) and then we had dinner outside. It was the last day in Mozambique for a cousin of mine (plus her husband and son) because they were returning to Portugal on early 24th to spend Christmas back at home. On this night there was like a festival of thunders and lightnings, so awesome! I didn't managed to get any of it on pictures but I did filmed it lol.
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Christmas Eve, now in case you don't know this, my father's side of the family are (most of them) Muslims and I might be wrong but I don't think most Muslims celebrate Christmas (since it's more of a Catholic thing). So we had a Christmas dinner at my uncle's daughter-in-law's parents house. Before she got married (you can see the post about the wedding here) she used to be Catholic but she converted to Muslim because her now husband - my uncle's son - is Muslim. Anyways we had dinner there and then home.
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The 25th of December is a special day at my uncle's house and no it's not because it's Christmas, it's because it's actually his birthday plus of his first son (the one that got married) as well, so double B-Day! It was my uncle's 50th birthday so it was a big party over there. The celebration started at night.
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These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


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